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BOS 1.0 released

Dot matrix display detail/problem
Due to an hardware problem in the display connector in the BOS board, two display lines result exchanged. To bypass this problem display driver exchanges these lines. If your display do not work correctly, please remove lines from 320 to 324 in DRV_Display.c file.

Documentation errata on page 44 about stack usage
At the end of page 44 is explained interrupts are served with main stack pointer. This is not correct, interrupts are served with a private stack of 80 memory cells defined in /KRN/KRN_Interrupts.h :

#define ISR_STACK_SIZE 80

New website page
Preview page is now available on website. This page contains BOS features ideas for future releases. BOS version 1.1 released BOS version 1.1 was released. This intermediate version was uploaded mostly to make BOS compatible with latest release of source code compiler. Most changes are related to makefiles. Three new examples are also provided showing how to drive a digital rotary encoder, an LCD based menu and a serial RS232, VT100 compatible, console.

Linux patch BOS users community produces a patch to make BOS compatible also on linux systems. Patch is for BOS version 1.1

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