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Ideas for future releases

In this page there is a list of new BOS features will be inserted in future releases.
If you have an idea to improve BOS, please contact me at

Cooperative Multitasking
Task manager will support preemptive or cooperative mode. In cooperative mode no timer is used by task manager.

Reduced executable dimension
BOS executable file will be further reduced removing return errorcodes and removing functions paramter check. These options will be included in configuration files for fast activation or deactivation.

Spin Wait
A new kernel component to wait with a spin (loop) mechanism. This can be useful to generate short delays not subject to task manager context switch timings.

Periodic Functions
New kernel functionality to call a function at fixed time interval. Time source can be a microcontroller timer or task manager preemption timer.

LLD Layer
New system layer will be introduced. LLD - Low level driver, will be a layer at HAL level to provide basic driver hardware access functionalities. This way driver layer will not direct access hardware, granting easyer system portability. Moreover LLD layer functionalities will be accessible also excluding task manager component from BOS configuration.

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