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BOS – operating System, is an operating system dedicated to small microcontrollers and CPUs without memory management unit. Actually this operating system is dedicated to Texas Instruments MSP430 microcontrollers and it can be ported to other CPU types without great changes. BOS is completely free under GPL license. Because the operating system is licensed free of charge, there is no warranty for the operating system. The operating system is released "as is" without warranty of any kind.


For latest news please look at news page on website or at SourceForge.


BOS can be downloaded from Download Area In the Download Area you will find :


For questions about BOS, comments, wishes for future versions or bugs please write to


SourceForge BOS project home page. From this site is possible to download BOS and interact with this project with a forum or sending information about bugs, feature request or requesting support.

BOS operating system home page. From this site it is possible to download all operating system sources and documentation.

SourceForge home page

msp430 gcc compiler home page. This tool is used to compile and download BOS to microcontroller.

Texas Instruments home page. TI produces MSP430 microcontrollers

Dev-C++ is a free environment that can be used to write and compile BOS

About the author

BOS is fully written by Luca Bertossi.

Luca Bertossi is an electronic engineer expert in digital electronics and video processing technologies; its main occupations are designing DSP, FPGA and uP hardware to process and stream real-time video, to develop Linux and Windows drivers and user applications, to interface embedded hardware with PC and to design USB/PCI high speed devices. MSP430 are sometimes used in its projects and are programmed with BOS. For further information please visit Luca Bertossi personal website at

Luca Bertossi can be contacted by e-mail at :

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